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News Archive - August 2017

News Archive - August 2017

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My Canadian immigrant story: From Chile to Montreal


By Jessica Murphy, BBC |

The BBC is running a series looking at the immigrant experience in Canada and the ties immigration creates between nations. In this third story, we look at growing up in a new country.

Karin Arroyo's family arrived in Montreal in 1979 from Valparaiso, Chile.

"It made perfect sense for us to come to Canada," immigrant entrepreneurs say


By Financial Post |

It’s been a true globe-trotting entrepreneurial journey for Sharoon Thomas and Rituparna (Ritu) Panda. They’re the co-founders of in Toronto, an AI-based platform that specializes in connecting sales, fulfilment and purchasing functions through a single source.

Chinese languages gain ground in Metro Vancouver: 2016 census


By Douglas Todd, Times Colonist |

Chinese languages are becoming more predominant in Metro Vancouver and across Canada, according to newly released 2016 census figures.

The proportion of Metro Vancouver residents who speak Chinese dialects continues to rise and is now more than double those who speak Punjabi.

PNE film festival gives a voice to First Nations and immigrant youth


By Patrick Johnston, Vancouver Sun |

While you munch on a snack at the PNE food court, take note of the action on the big screen at the Celebration Plaza.

Three times a day, a series of short films portray how young people feel “about living in Canada and their vision for Canada,” the film festival’s director said Tuesday.

Languages spoken in Canada: slow but steady change


By Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International |

The latest information from Canada’s official statistics agency shows continued change in Canada’s linguistic make-up.

Statistics Canada says 93.4 per cent of Canada’s population indicate they speak either English of French ( Canada’s two official languages) on a regular basis.

Hate crimes unit investigates anti-immigrant banner at Olympic Stadium


By Montreal Gazette |

The Montreal police department’s hate crimes unit has been assigned to investigate the posting of an anti-immigrant banner late Sunday outside the Olympic Stadium, which has been used to house the overflow of migrants who have been crossing into Canada from the United States.

Immigration Minister denies that Canada was unprepared for surge of asylum seekers


Globe and Mail |

Canada's Immigration Minister denies his government was poorly prepared for the surge of asylum seekers streaming on foot into Quebec from the United States this summer, even as federal officials intensify efforts to try to curb the flow of those showing up at irregular border crossings.

Record number of immigrant and refugee students in newcomer programs


By CBC News |

A record number of teenagers new to Canada are spending the week learning about what life is like as a student in Windsor.

More than 60 people from six countries took part in the Newcomer Orientation Week program at Catholic Central High School on Monday.

Teachers committed to anti-racism education


By Glen Hansman, Vancouver Sun |

Trudeau urges Canadians to maintain trust in immigration system


By Globe and Mail |

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians should maintain confidence in the immigration system even as thousands of asylum seekers continue to pour into the country.