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Diversity Works

Access new markets. Improve customer service. Gain experience. Create dynamic workplaces.

Want to access new markets? Improve customer service? Learn fresh ideas? Revitalize your workforce?

You can grow your business and keep it competitive by recruiting, hiring and training immigrants. These internationally trained and experienced workers are talented and bring new ideas and perspectives. New immigrant workers also belong to growing immigrant communities and they know what those communities need, and they know how to connect and market to those communities.

There are many benefits to building culturally diverse workforces. Get in the Know provides the information, tools, tips, strategies and resources you need to make it happen.

Featured ResourceLast updated: March 25, 2017

BC Refugees: We Have Big Dreams

Before he became a refugee, Hemin was a successful journalist. Ahmed was a computer technician, Fadi worked as a barber, Abdulrahman and Mayada were school teachers, and Shahad was a student. These New Canadians have big dreams of building a new life in BC, and they are eager to work and give back.

Hear their stories and learn from some innovative BC employers who realized early on that hiring talented refugees is a win, win. 

This video is produced by Immigrant Employment Council of BC. 

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